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Free a C4 Coupe passenger seat back which has jammed.
this week while hoovering my car out the passenger seat mechanism decided to freeze. I've travelled in the passenger seat myself last week and it was okay then but now it won't move. It still releases to fold forward using the upper latch, but the lower lever won't move rearwards to allow any adjustment of the backrest.

I've taken the lever off, heck I've even taken the whole seat out to see if I can see what's wrong. It seems that the ratchet at the inboard end of the folding mechanism is not engaging as the right hand side of the seat has a lot of 'play' in it and can be waggled backwards and forwards. I've tried WD in the mechanism and a little shock therapy in the form of a nylon-headed mallet - but no joy.

I eventually cured the problem today following advice I found on a Peugeot-related forum.

Here's the remedy for anyone who needs it...

Pull off the plastic seat-adjuster handle to avoid over-stressing it.

Use a good sized spanner or set of grips to get some purchase on the square metal bar and hold it firmly in the adjusting position.

Now get physical with seat. Don't hold back! Some serious waggling followed by a good thump in the back rest did the trick on mine, releasing the stuck mechanism with a loud clunk.

This removes the slack in the backrest and restores the ability to adjust.
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FAQ Posted by scorchy
Info Created: 06 October 2009
Last Updated: 06 October 2009