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Upstream oxygen sensor
Upstream oxygen sensor (1350)

Location : The oxygen sensor is located in the exhaust line, between the engine and the catalytic converter .

The hydrocarbons are compared with the reference air contained in the oxygen sensor to deduce a mixture ratio .

Role of the injection ECU according to the data received :

To determine the fuel / air mixture (richness)

Richness adjustment


The oxygen sensor informs almost continuously the ECU about the air-fuel mixture ratio .

The "rich" or "weak" mixture information is given by 0 to 1 V voltages :

Weak mixture = 0,1 Volts

Rich mixture = 0,9 Volts

A heating device placed inside the sensor enables it to rapidly reach its operating temperature ( + 300 °C) .

Electrical features

The sensor is equipped with a 4 way caliper connector .

Allocation of the connector channels :

Channel 1 : +12 volts supply

Channel 2 : Oxygen sensor heating control

Channel 3 : - signal

Channel 4 : + signal
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Info Created: 22 September 2009
Last Updated: 22 September 2009