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Lock my C4 Doors without setting the alarm?
If you travel say on a ferry and are required to lock the car, but not set the alarm on a C4, how do you do it?

It's quite simple really, you simply lock the car door with the key, don't use the remote

Locking with the key in the drivers door doesn't set the alarm, locking with the remote, does.

This applies to all current C4 variants, including the GP and Picasso

It's slightly different on early hatch/coupes


• If you wish to lock your vehicle without arming the alarm, just lock the vehicle with the key. (passenger side on Right hand drive cars)

• If you try to lock your vehicle when a door or the boot is still open, the central locking will not operate, but your alarm becomes armed after approx. 45 seconds.

So basically if you lock the doors with the key and say the rear hatch isn't closed properly, then the closed doors lock, but not deadlock and the alarm goes off after 45 seconds to tell you the car isn't secure
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FAQ Posted by Dave_Retired.
Info Created: 16 September 2009
Last Updated: 16 September 2009