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Run a cable to power a subwoofer through the bulkhead in a C4GP
First off, Hello Have been knocking around for a few weeks ever since the wife bought a new C4GP which she picked up last week (Me a company van), Now she didn't care about all the bangs a whistles, just wanted something that was quiet and safe and new, so she scrapped in her old worn out Xsara and bought the 1.6 VTi LX in Wicked Red,

Now I know some people will laugh at that and say no one buys the base model you should have got the HDi, the VTR+,the SX model,the this or that, but she loves it, and after the scrappage it only cost £10.400 which I think is silly money for a car of that size and spec, I mean what will it be worth in 3 years, 6 maybe £7000, so we lose a 1000 or so a year, I can live with that.

Anyway I've gone off track, The stereo in the Lx believe it or not is an Optional Extra at £255 which I would guess would be the steering controls as well, well when she ordered it she asked if it came with the stereo and the Citroen man said it did as it would not allow the order to go through without one.

Well they never had any brochures at the time and we got one through the post a week later which said stereo was an OE, so she rang up and asked again and they assured her that it had one,well are citroen man has been very good and he was taken aback and quite jaded when the wife flicked up the flap to find no stereo and so no steering controls, well with no arguments he booked us in with a reputable Ice dealership were they installed an Alpine CDE-104BTi head unit and the full set of Pioneer component speakers at a cost to them of £550.

Sorry, I seemed to have waffled a lot just to ask a simple question, now the bass is not bad but a Sub would no doubt finish it off, but in the love of all that is holy, how do you get a power cable through the bulkhead without drilling holes in it, witch is a big no no, pictures would be nice.

After a few hours of poking and prodding it turns out that there is only one place that you can get a cable from inside to outside, and that is through the grommet that takes the bonnet release cable

This can be found in the middle just above the carpet line of the passenger foot well, There is also the main loom grommet just to the left and up from this, but this is no good as the wires are rubber sealed into the grommet.
Now pushing the cable through was not so easy as the hole is a super tight fit around the bonnet release cable, so I had to start with some stiff 12 Gauge wire,

One thing to note at this point is that Fairy Liquid is your best friend and you will get nowhere without it.

Once you get the wire started I found the only way to push the cable through was with long nose pliers, you cannot really pull the wire through as it comes out, down and below the battery, and you will be pulling the wire at a 90° angle,which is a bit risky.

Once it was through I then taped it to the 8 Gauge power cable

Now as long as you use plenty of Fairy on the cable you should be fine, The 8 Gauge went through a lot easier than I thought it would

And there you have it, there is a nice channel under the door rubber as shown in the picture above, so running the power and phono cable was relatively easy with the only sign of any cables was when they came out around the rear seatbelt anchor point.

The image below is were I bought out the cables, the plastic cover is easy to remove if you start at the opposite end to this picture and pull it straight up, were it will just unclip, there is a fair bit of room under this to keep all your excess cable as well.

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FAQ Posted by babylon
Info Created: 01 August 2009
Last Updated: 02 August 2009