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Convert my C4 Speedometer from KPH to MPH?
How can I change/convert my speedometer from kilometres Per hour (KPH) to miles per hour (MPH) in my C4 hatchback. I would really appreciate help with this as it is my "first ever car" and I am a new driver; naturally it is causing me some anxiety when driving around for the obvious reasons!
BigJohnD wrote ...

Menu -> Personalised Configuration -> Display Configuration -> Choice of Units and select either l/100Km or Km/l

It's the same on the radio or the steering wheel, apart from the steering wheel having a scroll wheel.
BigJohnD wrote ...

Switching the MPG to litres/100KM will also change the speedo from MPH to Km/h

This should be self explanatory:

Press "Menu", select "Personalistion-Configuration" and then "OK"

The speedo (and cruise control, trip, odo and distance to service) will now be in km/H

For lower spec models with a type 'A' screen then this is how to do it:
PentlandC4 wrote ...

Here are some photos of my display (yeah, yeah, I know that my display is bleeding, and I know my tank range isn't looking good - drove into a strong headwind tonight for 45 miles and that's what happens!):

Normal display - press MENU

Down arrow

Down arrow

Down arrow

Down arrow

At UNITS press OK

At CONSOLE UNIT keep pressing the right arrow until you get past KM/L, L/100 (which on mine shows MPH on the speedo)...

Then OK when it reaches MPG.

Then turn off ignition, and have a cup of tea.
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FAQ Posted by gezza
Info Created: 23 July 2009
Last Updated: 03 August 2015