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Change Headlamp Bulbs in a C4 Coupe or Hatch and what bulb types are used?
Before you start - You will need the following bulbs...

C4 Hatch and Coupe 2004 - 2011… Dipped Beam H7 55 watt (Except vehicles with Xenons which are D1S), High Beam H1 55 watt (Please Note: Vehicles with Xenons, the main beam bulb is H7), Indicators PY21W’s, Front Fog H11 55 watt

New C4 2011 onward with Halogen lamps... Dipped Beam H7 55 watt, High Beam H1 55 watt, Indicators H21 Clear, Front Fog H11 55 watt, Daytime running lamps/sidelamps P21/5W XL).

New C4 2011 onward with Directional Xenon lamps... Dipped/main Beam D1S 35 watt , Indicators PY21W, Front Fog H11 55 watt, Daytime running lamps/sidelamps P21/5W XL).

VTS Xenon Bulb Change:

amtaylor76 wrote ...

You will need to pull-out and remove the wash jets that clean the headlights, detatch the plastic guard under the car from the front bumper (it does not need to be removed fully) remove the front bumper (there are screws in the wheel arches, clips across the top of the bumber - under the bonnet).

Once you have removed the bumper you will be able to unbolt the headlight from the frame (an assistant would be useful here as it's difficult to fully remove the headlight as the wash jet assembly is built into the bottom of the light). Obviously make sure you have disconnected the headlight power supply.

Unscrew the three retaining screws on the back of the light, the silver rectangular box will then come off and you will be able to access the bulb (D1S).

repeat for other side - and before reassembly check they work, then reverse the above to put it al back together.

It should not take more than a couple of hours

PLEASE NOTE: this guide is only for the standard Halogen bulbs, not the VTS Xenon Lamps

Standard Headlights

Some really long thin fingers and a lot of patience!!!

Bulbs that can be used... Please read the notes above as they vary depending on model.

I started with Dipped Beams, then High Beams and finally, Indicators. Most of the pics you see relate to the Drivers Side Headlamp.

On my car, this was by far the easiest side to work on, after removing the coolant bottle cover. This is done by pressing the centre part of the clip in, then removing the whole clip. The clip is reusable, just pop the centre bit out, push the main bit back through the hole and then push the centre back in.

On the passenger side, the Airbox and Battery covers did get in the way a little, but I did not remove them.

[shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/bulbs/bulb1.jpg|C4 Headlight Assembly||right][/shadowbox] 1. To start with, pull off all of the rubber covers. There are 4 in total, 1 over each of the Dipped Beam Lamps and High Beam Lamps.

In this picture, the Dipped Beam Lamp is on the right, closest to the radiator, with the Full Beam Lamp being on the left

2. Starting with the Dipped Beam Lamps, the book says to disconnect the lamp, undo release the spring clip (at the top of the fitting) and then remove the lamp.

I found this nigh on impossible given the space to work in. Also, the connector is on really tightly.

I therefore released the top of the spring clip as normal, then pinched the bottom together and totally removed it. REMEMBER which way it goes in, the ‘triangular’ protrusions face the front of the car, to push the bulb into the holder.

[shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/bulbs/bulb2.jpg|C4 Headlight Assembly||left][/shadowbox] You can see in the picture (this is actually taken during re-fitting) that the spring clip pivots from top to bottom, and that the bottom of the wire clip is held in place on both sides. By squeezing the clip together at the bottom, it can just be pulled out.

Removing the clip now allows you to pull the bulb out and then, using both hands, disconnect the connector from the bulb.

At this point, I’d like to say DO NOT drop anything inside the light fitting. I did and it is difficult to retrieve. I ended up using one of those telescopic ‘pen’ magnets.

3. To replace the lamp, first of all replace the spring clip. Again, this is done by squeezing the bottom together and refitting into the lamp housing (triangular protrusions upwards so they pivot forwards).

Now, insert the new bulb. The bulb must be inserted so that the flat side of the metal part faces upwards. While you are holding the bulb in place, squat down by the headlamp lens and see that it is sitting square in the hole and that the bulb head is inside the light reflector.

If this is ok, while still holding the lamp in place with one hand, use the other hand to flip the spring clip back up and fix it into place.

Finally push the connector back on.

The procedure is exactly the same for the passenger side lamp, but the access is slightly more awkward.

I did the drivers side one first, made all my mistakes and learnt how to do it, then did the passenger side one, which I actually found quite easy having already done the first one.

Right, so that’s the difficult ones done!!!

4. Next I did the High Beam Bulbs. These are much easier.

There are two connector for these bulbs, a white one and a black one. Only the Black one needs to be disconnected.

This pulls off very easily I found (obviously helped by there only being one connection instead of two).

Again, there is a spring clip, but this time, just release it and pivot it downwards as it is meant to be.

The bulb then just pulls out.

[shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/bulbs/bulb4.jpg|C4 Headlight Assembly||left][/shadowbox][shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/bulbs/bulb3.jpg|C4 Headlight Assembly||right][/shadowbox] 5. The H1 bulbs have two little locating ‘blobs’ on the front, by the glass:

Because of these, the lamp can only be replaced in a certain position, making it easy to locate in the lamp holder when replacing:

Again, once the bulb is correctly located and fitted, replace the spring clip and re-connect the connector to the centre pin.

Finally, the Indicator bulb. This is very easy.

6. Locate the Indicator bulb holder.

Grip the finger grips and twist a quarter towards the centre of the car, then pull out.

The whole bulb holder assembly will pull out. Try to remember how these come out, it makes it a whole lot easier to put back in, as the locating lugs will only fit in one way.

To remove the bulb from the holder, push down, twist and remove.

7. Re-fit the new bulb and then replace the holder. Below can be seen two pictures showing the holders, the left shows the way to hold to replace on the Passenger side, and on the right, the way to hold to replace on the drivers side:

Replace the bulb holder and turn a quarter turn towards the outside of the car to lock.

[shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/bulbs/bulb5.jpg|C4 Headlight Assembly|][/shadowbox] [shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/bulbs/bulb6.jpg|C4 Headlight Assembly|][/shadowbox]

8. Finally, replace all rubber caps if you haven’t already done so, and that’s it, your done!!!

Thanks go to Mike 5438 for creating this tutorial and giving permission to use it

UncleZen wrote ...

I kid you not, it took me 2 hours to try and fit a H7 dipped beam headlamp bulb on my C4. The problem was getting the clip to secure the bulb, by feel, as you cant see into the tiny space provided (passenger side).

There is a FAQ on this site on how to do it, but one critical part was left out - how awkward it is to fit the clip, theres a knack and I didnt have it. I basically gave up after 2 hours. The bulb was in place the clip was there but not exactly securing the bulb, one pothole and I fully expected the bulb to come out.

So I popped into town today to speak to AJ Auto Services about another matter and happened to mention the bulb fitting marathon. The mechanic/technician/expert lifted the bonnet, and secured the bulb in 30 seconds flat! WTF!

By all accounts the key is to slip the clip over the hook from the side, and not directly as I was trying to do. It never crossed my mind to try it from the side. It wasnt obvious from the FAQ on this site that that was the key to success.

So next time you have a headlamp bulb blow on you remember the secret to re-fitting the clip.
Thanks AJ Autoservices (authorised Citroen and Pug repairers)

You have to imagine your stood at the front of the car facing the engine to do this!!!

The picture is taken from the engine bay looking towards the front of the car - so a 'mirror' of where you will be.

1. with a pair of pliers grab the wiring connector at 1 and pull it off (it may be too tight for fingers)

2. Push the spring clip at 2 toward the front of the car and then slightly 'left' toward the offside (right hand drive) and let it carefully come back toward the engine bay and lay flat at the bottom of the light - you don't want it to come out at the bottom!!!!!

Then, holding the 2 spade connectors on the bulb, pull if out taking note of where the 'flat' is located (the top) and fit the new bulb that way. you can see if it's seating correctly from the front of the car.


Lift the retaining clip and push it back into place. It should clip back easily if the bulb is located properly. Refit the wiring connector and the rubber dust cover

Click the image to enlarge!

[shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/bulbs/light-clip.jpg|C4 Bulb retainer::How to release the headlight bulbs||]http://c4owners.org/images/c4/bulbs/light-clips.jpg[/shadowbox]

gmerry wrote ...

Must have changed about 10 bulbs by now (say 2 main beam and 8 dip beam) over 5+ years.

For the last 8 bulbs, I always replace the bulb with the headlight unit on the table (on top of a soft towel to save scratches to table or towel).

Doing the job inside on the table, no chance of touching the bulb, I can see what I am doing, any complications with the spring clip can easiy be dealt with.

To remove headlight unit complete, there are two electrical connectors.

A:- a junior Timer connection, so ease back the metal spring clip for this.

B:- a large black plastic connector with a red slider, pull the slider sideways.

The head light unit is held in place by just 3 10mm hex headed screws. Two are on the top. Remove the plastic slam panel plastic rivets to gain access to the inner screw.

The 3rd screw is access behind the bumper trim panel. Ease this out using a screwdriver and its straight in from the side of the car. For this screw, you will want to use a long socket extension and a hex socket (ie not a bi-hex as otherwise the screw will fall out of the socket when you replace it).

If you are really paranoid about dropping the 3rd screw, put a dap of superglue on its hex flanks to hold it securely into the socket.


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