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Stop rattles from inside a C4 Door?
My 3 door VTR, doors are rattling and vibrating a lot when ever i play my music, at first i ignored it, now its just plain irritating.

Also there's a constant rattle from the passenger door.

Could anyone tell me the best way to sort this problem and how to remove the door.

wozza wrote ...

Remove the Torx 20 screws there are 4 of them. 1 in the handle. 1 at the lower corner towards the engine and 2 on the back part towards the B pillar.

Then just pop the panel off its held on by clips.

Check everything is tight or remove everything and replace. I found a piece of plastic in my old door wasn't from anywhere in the car just made it into it somehow. Which was causing rattles.

I ended up putting a load of Dynamat extreme in my door and they are fairly solid now. No rattles at all.

I bought the bulk pack which was £130.

Get 9 sheets in that and I used 4 per door. Otherwise it is £25 per sheet normally. And although the sheets are big...the C4 doors are as well.

But I did both parts of the door. Outer skin and the frame/inner skin and sealed all the holes up etc. I have an uprated sound system so why I did it to mine mainly.

Easy to apply best to use a heat-gun though makes it much easier. Works a treat if you apply it right just time consuming to trim it and get the air out from behind it etc.

danny_l wrote ...

I managed to use one 1M x 0.6M per a door. Only needed to cover the main area's and still a bit left so i used it up anyway making extra layers.

This is behind the speakers where its mainly needed.

Good thing is I have no rattle at all now also manage to sink a pair of Lanzars to the door and at high volume i still don't get any door rattle

It's not too bad! You see the white clips at the edge of the door trim? You just need to rip them out from your door frame. Plus the screws which Wozza mentioned.

There is a tool which you can buy to undo the plastic clips on the door. That would prevent them from breaking but 1 or 2 will anyway...

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FAQ Posted by Dave_Retired.
Info Created: 26 February 2009
Last Updated: 05 December 2009