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Find out about the C4 ISOFIX child restraints.
BabyBearUK wrote ...

I am sure there is probably something floating around the forums regarding this. But am a little confused. I had noticed the little ISOFIX Child Seat discs in the back, but not sure how they work etc. Are these mainly pointed at Citroen Car Seats or something?!

My two neices already have two car seats that their grandparents have in their car. But we're thinking about buying an additional two so that we dont need to go and pick up the other ones all the time. If I can buy two car seats that work with the back seats of the C4 it would make things a little easier.

Citroens advice for the Coupe/Hatch: - ISOFIX is only to be used for children up to 18kg which is 2st 11lbs

Obviously Citroen want you to buy one of their Child Seats Lots of them available in Mothercare and Halfords etc.
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FAQ Posted by BabyBearUK
Info Created: 16 February 2009
Last Updated: 02 February 2014