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What format should I use with a USB stick to display info when used with a USB Box
Ok I treated myself to a monster 16GB Kingston USB stick (think this might have been overkill) and loaded just about my entire CD collection onto it and now have heading for 1500 tracks on it and only a third full! But I hit a couple of problems that have been highlighted before in the way the USB box displays the information taken from the USB stick via the head unit namely:-

1) The 8 character limit

2) Displays by album, not artist

So what I have done is rename all the album folders on the USB stick, via the PC, by placing the artist name at the beginning followed by a dash. For movie soundtracks I used MST and for compilation disks CD.

This is time consuming to do, but works a treat in the car because now the head unit display is arranged by artist. So its just a simple case of scrolling down to the artist you want and then letting the head unit do its own scrolling of the text to see the album title.
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FAQ Posted by Jacippit
Info Created: 28 December 2008
Last Updated: 28 December 2008