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Change a rear light bulb on a Grand C4 Picasso
I ordered some new light bulbs from Click-Parts just before Christmas and they arrived two days after Christmas - PDQ service.

So to help all of my fellow van owners, I though I'd better create a new FAQ on how to change a light bulb.

You will need:

A Torx T20 driver.
Some brute strength.
Short finger-nails.

The original setup.

Remove the three torx screws that are highlighted.




Pull the whole unit rearwards. There are two metal clip-pins that are normally secured in the rubber grommits. One at the top and the other at the bottom. Short fingernails will prevent you from hurting yourself. It takes a bit of effort but the cluster will come off.

Remove the foam cover and slide it along the wire bundle.

Use your thumb to push in the clip and then remove the connector. Don't be tempted to pull the wires.

Push the clip upwards gently - this will release the bulb holder.

The P21W bulb has offset pins and will only fit one way.

To reassemble, follow the instructions for removal in reverse.

A subtle modification to Busy Bee but satifsfying nonetheless.

Compare this image with the first and you can clearly see how the silver light bulbs remove the "fried egg" effect...

...and still glow orange when illuminated.

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FAQ Posted by blueclouduk
Info Created: 27 December 2008
Last Updated: 19 January 2010