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Find out about using Télépéage (at French Tolls)
What does it cost for the device? Is there a reduction in toll fees or is it just that it is much quicker and convenient?

For Info on buying a toll tag - Click Here -

This is the on-line application that allows you to use a credit card.

For the annual card, (€20 a year) click on Formule annuelle, for the pay-monthly card, click on Formule mensuelle.

Be careful completing the form as the order in which to enter address details is a little different to English forms.

The list of countries (Pays) uses Grande Bretagne rather than United Kingdom.

Click on Etape Suivant to enter your credit card details.

Then again to confirm the order.

I have to admit that I don't know if the card is sent out as I've never used one before. I will certainly use one in the future. I must have passed though a couple of dozen whilst on Busy Bee's European Tour and each one was paid using my bank card. Each one cost me £1.50 to process on my account. The telepeage card only charges you at the end of each month.

The other big advantage is that you don't need to have a wide-awake passenger to insert the card as the tag looks after it all.

There is an article on the ViaMichelin site about it

gazman wrote ...

Hopefully we'll go sailing past all of those queues and looking on that rear view mirror in one of those pics they seem to stretch a long way back at busy times!

Incidentally, the gadget is about the size of a symbian mobile phone measuring 10cm across by 6cm and just over 2cm thick, so a bit larger than you may imagine! Not much to look at, just a piece of plastic with a barcode on the reverse. A holder sticks to the windscreen and the Télépéage itself just slots in and is easily removable to take with you.

Just to say that this worked like a charm. However the very first péage we went through it did not work and so had to take a ticket.

The Télépéage was then handed over at the next peage with the ticket and they scanned it and from then on there was not a single problem and it worked every time.

Maybe this needs to be activated in this way before it works, although it did not say that on the instructions!

The far left dedicated "T" lane at the péage was almost always empty and so you are on your way long before anyone else, so no hold ups at all.

You can also view all your transactions online, all very accurate and thorough!

Recommend this little gadget!

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FAQ Posted by gazman
Info Created: 26 October 2008
Last Updated: 01 February 2014