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Find out when to change the C4 (Cam) Timing Belt?
OK from the Citroen Maintenance guide the recommended intervals are as follows:

Timing Belt C4 (Pre Face lift Petrol Engines) Normal Conditions Severe Conditions
C4 Petrol (except C4 2.0i 180 hp) 100,000 miles*
(160,000 km)
72,000 miles*
(112,000 km)
C4 Petrol 2.0i 180 hp 75,000 miles*
(120,000 km)
60,000 miles*
(96,000 km)
HDi 1.6 16V 150,000 miles*
(241,000 km)
120,000 miles*
(193,000 km)
HDi 2.0 16v 160,000 miles*
(257,000 km)
108,000 miles*
(174,000 km)
* or every 10 years

In your service guide you will see reference to 'Normal' and 'Severe' operating conditions which affect service intervals.

So, Severe operating conditions are listed in the service guide ENT-GB-9006/2 as follows:
Use of the vehicle mainly in town (door to door delivery,taxi)

# Use in very hot countries where temperatures are frequently above 30c

# Use in cold countries where temperatures are frequently lower than -15c

# Driving in dusty environments (building sites0

# Repeated short journeys (engine cold)

# Use of none approved lubricants or poor quality fuels (sulphur content higher than 500 ppm)

The Shortened Service Intervals:

If in doubt, always err on the side of caution and use the 'Severe' schedule. Yes it will increase servicing costs, but not significantly and will extend the useful life of your vehicle
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Info Created: 24 October 2008
Last Updated: 30 June 2010