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Get an aftermarket Stereo mute control to work when selecting reverse?
dazza2008 wrote ...

I have installed an after market Pioneer stereo (DEH-P65BT) in my lovely new C4 VTR+ Hatchback using the Connects2 SCT003 adapters.

Everything works well apart from one small issue.

The Connects2 kit has a wire coming out called "Reverse", and my stereo has a wire coming out called "Mute". So I thought, wouldn't it be great to connect these so that when I use reverse the stereo mutes and I can hear the parking sensor better.

By the way, I have the Citroen fitted reversing sensors, but this is the kit fitted by the dealers not the factory. So it is not integrated with the old stereo, and the beeps are made by a speaker installed in the boot!

Anyway, connecting everything up, and the stereo is muted all the time, EXCEPT when I'm in reverse! So obviously the signals are the wrong way round somewhere. I.E. Grounded when it should be live.

Does anyone know of a way to convert these signals, or invert them?

Well, Thanks to some advice from the forums and excellent customer service from Connects2, have hooked up the relay between stereo mute and cars reverse.

Now when selecting reverse the stereo mutes automatically. It's a small thing, but makes the reversing sensor much easier to hear and completes the "Factory fit" feel of the setup.

It was surprisingly straight forward in the end.

Ordered relay and diode from Maplin:

Relay = N00AW, 30A SPDT Auto 12Vdc Relay
Diode = 1N4001S, Diode

I used this relay because it had standard spade connectors, so I could use crimped on connectors instead of soldering. Much easier!

Relay has 5 terminals, Connect as follows:

1) Terminal 85 connect to "Reverse" lead from car, and 86 connect to ground/earth. Also connect diode cathode (End with stripe) to 85 and other end to 86.

- The diode allows any spike in current from switching relay to drain away.

- I just pushed the diode wires under the spade connectors when I pushed them on, and put some electricians tape over diode to stop it grounding on anything else.

- These terminals switch the relay on/off when you select reverse gear.

2) Terminal 30 connect to your "Mute" connection on the stereo, then connect 87a and 87 to 12v and ground/earth.

- Test it works, and it still wrong way round then swop terminals 87 and 87a.

- These connections apply voltage or ground to the "mute" wire on your stereo.

3) Finally I wrapped a little insulating tape around each terminal to stop any electrical shorts when it was all stuffed back behind the dashboard.

Works like a charm! Sorry forgot to take pictures, but will try and remember next time I have the spaghetti out again.

Once again thanks to BigJohnD for the idea, and Connects2 technical support for providing me with details and diode connections.

Enjoy! Dazza.
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FAQ Posted by Dazza
Info Created: 21 September 2008
Last Updated: 21 September 2008