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Upgrade the Firware version of the USB BOX 9702.EZ to the latest release v3.03?
OK I grabbed a copy of the zip file from the Citroen Service Site and here are the instructions on how to update the USB Box firmware.


The following document describes the steps necessary to update the USB box accessory software version V2.0 through v3.0 to version V3.03 software.

To achieve this operation, it is necessary to have:

-- a standard PC
-- a USB memory stick
-- the software update files available for download from Citroën Service/Service Box in the USB Box product datasheet.

Note: These operations must be "engine" to stabilize the voltage of the electric vehicle.

Step 1: Testing the software version in the box.

-- unzip the folder USBbox_V3-03.zip on your PC
-- copy the files GW_CFG.BIN, GW_CFG.CFG and Test.mp3 (from the folder
-- USBbox_V3-03.zip) onto a blank USB memory stick
-- switch on the radio and set it to radio mode
-- insert the memory stick into the USB Box and wait at least 30 seconds before removing it
-- check the contents of the memory stick on the PC:
-- 2 additional files have been created (GW_DBA.BIN and GW_EES.BIN)
-- 1 directory whose name should be USPA2_00 or USPA3_01.

+ This confirms that the software version of the USB Box is V2.00 or V3.01
+ If this is not the case, contact network assistance

-- delete the contents of the USB memory stick

Step 2: Update USB box.

-- copy the file USPA_UPD.ROM onto the blank USB memory stick (from the folder

-- USBbox_V3-03.zip)

-- switch on the radio and set it to radio mode,

-- insert the memory stick in the box,

-- wait 2 minutes and then remove the memory stick, check the contents of the memory stick on the PC, the file has gone from the memory stick.

Step 3: Controlling the update.

-- perform stage 1 again to check that the software update has been successfully completed.

-- the software version of the box corresponds to the name of the directory created on the memory stick, that is: USPA3_03 for version V3.03

DropThePuck wrote ...

OK, I have been the guinea pig on this and have gone ahead and done the update using the google translated instructions, but will give a step by step of what I did.

1. Got hold of an empty USB stick. I don’t know if it has to be empty but that’s what I used.

2. Downloaded the zip file to my pc from the website, as indicated.

3. Extracted the files from the zip file into an empty directory on my pc.

4. Copied the 3 files (GW_CFG.BIN, GW_CFG.CFG and test.mp3) that were unzipped in step 3 on to the USB stick. There is another file (USPA_UPD.ROM) that was unzipped, which I did not copy over at this time.

5. Started the C4 and turned on the radio.

6. Put the USB stick in the USB socket and waited 30 seconds. I could see the LED flashing on the memory stick.

7. Turned off the engine and removed the USB stick from the socket.

8. Returned to my pc and plugged in the memory stick and viewed the content of the memory stick. The three files copied in step 4 were still there plus two additional files (GW_DBA.BIN and GW_EES.BIN) and an empty directory (USPA2_00). This must be the key step to determine if your USB Box has version 2.0 on it currently. If the empty directory wasn’t called USPA2_00, I wouldn’t have continued.

9. Deleted the 6 files from the USB stick so it was empty once more.

10. Copied USPA_UPD.ROM extracted in step 3 from my pc to the USB stick.

11. Returned to the C4 and started the engine and turned on the radio.

12. Plugged in the USB stick and waited two minutes. Again the LED on the stick was flashing, but stopped after a while.

13. Turned off the radio, turned off the car and unplugged the USB stick.

14. Returned to the pc and plugged in the USB stick.

15. Checked the contents of the USB stick and the file copied (USPA_UPD.ROM) in step 10 was no longer there.

16. Returned to the car to see if the USB Box still worked and it did, but so far don’t know what the update did! But at least it still worked.

17. Breathed sigh of relief.

BigJohnD wrote ...

I've just done the same and all seems well.

There is a third and final stage to check the update is complete. It's effectively a repeat of the first stage:

1. Copy the 3 files (GW_CFG.BIN, GW_CFG.CFG and test.mp3) on to the empty flash drive.

2. Start the car (to ensure Economy Mode doesn't kick in and screw things up) and turn on the radio.

3. Put the USB stick in the USB socket and wait 30 seconds. The LED on the USB stick should flash to indicate data transfer.

4. Turn off the engine and remove the USB stick.

5. Return to the PC, plug in the USB stick and view the contents. The three files copied in step 1 should still be there plus two additional files, GW_DBA.BIN and GW_EES.BIN, and an empty folder USPA3_01, which confirms the new version has been installed.

All was well, so I put a sticker on the box to indicate it had been upgraded to Ver3.01 today as the original label says Ver2.00.

The iPod works as before, seemingly no change in that the display still has to be refreshed by a full cycle of the MODE button.

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