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Find out what the benefits are of a C4 leased via Motability
From what I remember about the Motability procedures:

As soon as you opt to take a Motability funded car your payments will stop going to you

it doesn't matter when you take delivery as the agreement is over three years and the payments are used continuously until you leave the scheme - when you finally leave the scheme the payments will be adjusted accordingly

Things to remember about being a Motability customer:

You are entitled to the tax disc - it is not a benefit of being a Motability customer
a "exempt" tax disc allows you to go through the tyne tunnel and over/under the Thames at Dartford free of charge - you are exempt from the London congestion charge

You get priority calls if you need to call the RAC - for ANYTHING, ANYWHERE - even at home. Never be afraid to ring them for even the smallest problem

There is still a common belief that you can only have 4 tyres replaced during the contract - not any more - however, in the event of a puncture repair, you must insist that the repair be safe for the car to be driven at "high speed" when you're on holiday in Germany next summer

As long as you notify Royal & Sun Alliance Motability, you can take your car on to mainland Europe without paying extra on the insurance

Your RAC does NOT cover you abroad though and Motability "insist" that you have European cover (about an extra £90 a year) if you do take the car abroad - RSAM can advise you what extra equipment you need in each country you may intend to visit

When your car needs to be serviced or repaired (20,000 miles service interval for the 2 litre oil burner) you are entitled to a car that gives you the same level of mobility - if the servicing garage cannot provide you with a car then contact Motability and a hire car will be provided and delivered to the most convenient location

Your contract lasts 3 years and your can drive up to 60,000 miles without paying for excess mileage - the excess mileage charge is quite steep so if you're a high mileage driver be careful - Motability will always contact you if your mileage if "above the usage curve" during the contract - you will be given the option to either pay the excess mileage charge each time or to wait for the end of the contract - after all you may do 25,000 the first year and only 15,000 the second year so it might be better to wait

You can put a private plate on a Motability car - just contact Motability for the V5

Finally, keep the car clean - at the end of the three year contract, if the car is in good condition then you get a cash bonus

The loading d-rings are in each corner of the boot floor in the C4 & C4 Picasso. There are two flaps in the roof corners that can be opened to fix the roll-up cargo net. I have had some success securing a wheelchair with a ratchet strap - one hook in the roof opening and the other hook in a floor d-ring. You can use the floor d-rings and bungees to stop the chair rolling back and forwards.
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Info Created: 17 January 2008
Last Updated: 17 January 2008