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Is a C4 Picasso is suitable for a disabled passenger or driver?
Hi. We're thinking of getting a C4 Grand Picasso in the next few months and will need to have it adapted for a disabled passenger. Does anyone have any experience/advice/comments about either a Carony car seat system or the Elap car seat.

Thank you! Angela

AlanMC wrote ...

Hi Angela, to be honest I could not say 100% that it would be fine, perhaps the height of the seat may be a factor due to the seat height of the C4GP.

I would think all the same that a Carony seat or elap seat fine as I'm sure they deal with all different heights of car door frames.

The door opens nice and wide so would be room for the chair for getting in and out.

The best thing you could do would be to get to a dealer and speak with the motability rep, try and take measurements of both type of chairs if you can and a tape measure.

As a disabled driver myself I have to say the C4GP is just perfect for me, I don't have any adaptions to the car for myself, the one thing I find a great help for myself all the same is the room inside.

I hope you can find the right information, it would be great if you get back to us and let us know how you get on.

That way we can have a report on these chairs, which will help other disabled people.

Best of luck.

blueclouduk wrote ...

Ricability is an organisation that measures seat heights, door openings, whether a wheelchair will fit etc.

You can find their website here: - Click Here -

OK following blueclouduk's link I have looked at the C4 Picasso and C4 Grand Picasso and converted the measurement charts into Printable pdf files for you so you can see all the relevant dimensions.

C4 Picasso rickability sizes

C4 Grand Picasso rickability sizes

Just click them to go to the download page and print off to take to a dealer with you

The above image is only a partial list of all the dimensions measured - the pdf has an awful lot more

bluecloudsbabe wrote ...

Hello, As a disabled passenger and driver I find the Grand Picasso extremely comfortable to travel in. I have tried the Scenic, The 7-seater Scenic and all manner of other larger and small cars and this Grand Picasso I must admit beats them all into pieces. If i am cold and all the other passengers are warm, i can adjust my air conditioning to suit me, the fridge is there so i can keep medicines cold and drinks cold, there are storage spaces for medicines, dressings, nick-naks all around, and the seats are supportive and hold you steady in themselves without you falling around or needing propped up by something else. The leg room wow, i have blankets, bags, shoes off, laptops, crafting gear, study books, everything but the kitchen sink around me when i am travelling long distance so i don't get bored and so i don't have to move to get anything i can operate all from my seat. and the room around me is amazing. And that is from the front passenger seat.

If you are thinking of trying out this car as a driver, try it in the triptronic (Is that how you spell it guys)box, as i went from not being able to drive hardly anymore as it was so wearing, to having my freedom and independence back with a semi automatic box. She drives like a dream, parking senors are a wonderful invention, i cant live without them.. in fact the car is definitely worth a second look, so if my opinion is worth anything at all, give it a good run for its money and see if you can borrow one or test drive one for a day or two, give it a good try, i don't think you will be disappointed.

take care now


Diesel Dog wrote ...

I have to agree with everyone, although i am not disabled i am the driver, when we got the car it was my mother's choice, it's her car, i just get the chance to use it occasionally for doing my jobs , all i stipulated was diesel and manual and as many extras as possible and i would drive owt

The mother on the other hand loves the car, it's perfect height for popping in and out easily enough, its spacious, roomy and plenty of room to carry everything you would need!! it's also quiet so if passenger's would like a sleep they can, the inside is pretty dark to from what i have seen in the exclusives.

For a disabled driver it must be fantastic, brakes are soft, clutch is soft (even better if you get the EGS model's) cruise control even speed limiter which i guess is good if you have leg spasms.

I can't think of a better motability car!!

fellie wrote ...

I to am my wife's carer and hence driver ( she is trying to pass ) ...

The only issue she / we have had so far for her, is the height of the seat itself, and actually getting hold of the door handle to close the door.. ( not an issue now as I can close it, but if she were to be the driver, and solo, it may be an issue ... ) The height thing could be solved if we had a kerb to park against I guess..

Simple additions like the fold down armrest are a god send, surprising how many cars don't have anything these days ..

The space is tremendous.. surely this is why people buy MPVs

Just a quick quote from the motability side of things ... the car is for use and or benefit of the disabled person... Ive many a time had to turn down friends whom need the use of 'a van'.... Im sure if there was an accident, insurance wouldn't be an issue .. A whole separate thread available there I reckon

keith94 wrote ...

hi I agree the c4gp is a great car but has it faults as a wheelchair user myself i have found it great when i have my wife with me as my chair goes in the boot i have a bespoke rgk wheelchair it like the f1 of wheelchairs dead light and have no feeling from the waist down after breaking my back in the royal navy.

I recently returned to work at dhl and have discovered that to be independent to get my wheelchair on to the front passenger seat Ive found that the driver door dose not open width enough and i have to recline my driver seat back so i can get my chair with the wheels off pass the steering wheel and on the seat hard work but i get they as the rgk frames don't fold but the car is great i even tow our new caravan with it no problems. and the EGS gearbox is great

Angela wrote ...

Thank you all very much for your help and advice. We now have a C4 Grand Picasso with a Carony seat fitted for the front passenger. We're lucky that its being used by someone with short legs (she's only 5'1" tall).........we were told all along that this seat combination goes better into a two door car and now we understand why but we need the bigger, 4 door car.

Despite this slight problem which has resulted in bruised knees, (although we are getting better!), the car is great and the Carony seat has made a vast difference to our lives.

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FAQ Posted by Angela
Info Created: 20 October 2008
Last Updated: 09 July 2009