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Fixed Centre Steering Hub
C4 Fixed Steering Hub The fixed centre of the steering wheel features the main comfort functions and driving aids. This layout places the emphasis on ergonomics and easy use, thus promoting driving pleasure.

Easy operation

The main characteristic of the C4 steering wheel is its fixed hub. The centre of the wheel no longer turns with the rim. The technical principle is simple: a toothed ring linked to the steering wheel engages an inner pinion, itself linked to the steering column. The space between the ring and the pinion is used to couple the fixed components: the steering wheel hub and the steering column mounting.

A host of advantages

The multifunctional fixed-centred controls steering wheel offers the following advantages :

* controls are grouped in the centre of the steering wheel, thus freeing up space on the dashboard, and giving it a simpler, uncluttered look;

* significant improvements in ergonomics, since the controls are grouped in a stable and easily accessible position, so that the driver does not have to take his hands off the wheel;

* as the controls are on the steering wheel, they remain easily visible, even at night, thanks to the use of illuminated pictograms;

* in terms of safety, the fixed-centre design of the steering wheel makes it possible to install a shape-optimised driver airbag for improved driver protection.

Balanced distribution of controls

The controls are split into four different areas, each with four buttons and a knob :

* the top right-hand area groups the radio controls, with volume and station settings, the memorised station search function, and the mute function;

* the bottom right-hand area provides access to the multifunction screen, with – in particular – the on-board computer and the NaviDrive navigation system;

* the top left-hand area is dedicated to the speed limiter and cruise control. If the driver opts for one of these driving aids, a pictogram will appear on the translucent instrument cluster, showing the mode selected and the programmed speed.

* the bottom left-hand area groups the controls for vehicle options. For example, the voice control of the NaviDrive navigation system, the telephone controls, the driver-configured button offering “black panel” lighting as the default function, or the air recycling function.

The horn is on the lower part of the steering wheel. Conventional driving functions (lighting and wiping) maintain their usual layout, with standard stalk switches.

Driver-dedicated steering-wheel display

Driving information intended specifically for the driver is displayed immediately in front of him. This is the case, for example, of the rev counter, the indicator and headlamp settings, and the mode/gear speed selected on versions equipped with an automatic gearbox.

The background of the rev counter turns red to show that the engine has reached its maximum speed.

Fitted on the steering column, this display unit moves with the steering wheel to remain easily legible at all times.

Please note: they type of controls vary across the model range and country of origin and apply to version 1 of the C4 Hatch/Berline and Coupe. There are changes proposed to cars built from mid 2008 onward

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FAQ Posted by Road Runner
Info Created: 21 July 2008
Last Updated: 21 July 2008