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What are Speed Limiter and Cruise Control
[shadowbox=images/c4/service/regulate.jpg|C4 Speed Limiter & Cruise Control Activation||right][/shadowbox] With the overspeed warning, speed limiter and cruise control systems, Citroën furthers its commitment to improving driving comfort, preventing accidents and protecting people.

Overspeed warning

This system triggers a sound signal when the vehicle exceeds the speed setting programmed by the driver. The driver is free to turn the system on or off, using a manual switch, whenever he wishes.

The warning system in no way affects the real speed of the vehicle. The driver remains in complete control and the sound signal is simply a warning. The system can be activated and disactivated at will.

Speed limiter

This system is similar to the overspeed warning mechanism. The speed limiter enables the driver to programme the desired maximum speed he does not wish to exceed.

But, unlike the overspeed warning, if the driver tries to go faster than the programmed speed, the accelerator does not respond.

However, the driver can over-ride the system if necessary by pressing down hard on the pedal.

Cruise control

With the cruise control system, the driver maintains the car at a comfortable cruising speed without touching the accelerator.

If the driver needs to accelerate, the car will automatically return to the set speed once he takes his foot off the pedal. This function should only be used on motorways and dual carriageways when traffic is fast flowing since the driver must actively intervene to change the speed of the vehicle.

The system is automatically deactivated as soon as the driver presses the brake or the clutch.

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Info Created: 05 August 2007
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