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 FAQ #170
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Engine coolant temperature sensor
Engine coolant temperature sensor (1220)

The engine coolant temperature sensor informs the ECU about the engine coolant temperature .

Role of the injection ECU according to the data received :

To adjust the starting flow

To adjust the idle speed

To obtain an accelerated idle speed which decreases as the engine heats up


The sensor consists of a CTN -type resistor (negative temperature coefficient resistance) .

The more the temperature increases, the more its resistance value is reduced .

Electrical features

Supply : Injection ECU .

Allocation of the connector channels :

Channel 1 : Signal

Channel 2 : Earth

Electrical specifications :

Resistance at 20 °C = 6250 ohms

Resistance at 80 °C = 600 ohms
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Info Created: 22 September 2009
Last Updated: 22 September 2009