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Engine Speed Sensor - Magneti Marelli 6lpb fuel injection
Engine speed sensor (1313)

The sensor is located opposite the teeth of the flywheel .

Role of the injection ECU according to the data received :

To check the engine speed

To determine the position of the crankshaft

To calculate the ignition advance

To regulate the idle speed

Description The sensor is of the inductive type .

Components of the sensor :

A permanent magnet

An electric winding

The sensor provides an electrical signal every time a tooth on the flywheel passes by (change in magnetic field) .

The 58 teeth are used to work out the engine speed .

The 2 missing teeth are used to work out the crankshaft position (no signal) .

N.B. : The air gap value is not adjustable .

Electrical features

Allocation of the connector channels :

Channel 1 : Signal

Channel 2 : Earth

Resistance between channels 1 and 2 : 425 - 525 ohms .

Features of the signals emitted : Variable frequency alternating voltage .


Location : On the clutch housing .
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Info Created: 22 September 2009
Last Updated: 02 April 2013