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Considering Buying a New C4, C4 Picasso or DS4?

What should I look out for?
on 22 November 2012
by Dave_Retired. author list
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There are various ways to buy a new C4 be it a Hatchback, Picasso, Grand Piccaso or a DS4

January 2011 saw a brand new version of the C4 in Hatchback format, with a new range of engines which was followed by the launch of the DS4.

To see the colour range available from launch for the NEW C4 go here: - Click Here -

Buying a new car is a major financial decision for most people and one that should not be taken lightly or on a 'whim'

Before looking for a car, list your main priorities. Is safety, mpg or running costs etc. an issue?

Using the knowledge and experience built up on this site over the past 7+ years then if it's running costs just don't be swayed by the mpg figure if you intend keeping the car beyond 3 years when the warranty expires. Dual Mass Flywheels on diesel models are known to be problematic on ALL makes of cars so if your a 'Low mileage' driver (less than circa 14,000 miles p.a. ) then consider a petrol car. Fuel is cheaper, so is servicing, plus repairs outside of the warranty period are all likely to be cheaper, so any initial mpg savings can be totally offset by repair bills down the line.

EGS (semi automatic) gearboxes are also known to have issues with regular re calibration being required, plus the actuators leak/fail and can be expensive to repair so if your happy with a manual gearbox, don't be swayed by a salesmans slick patter.

Used cars with EGS and DMF's have a very poor trade value (if you can even get someone to take it) after 5 years, so factor that into your decision.

If it's safety, take a look at the C4 and C4 Picasso euroncap safety ratings

Have you considered how are you going to pay for the car, have you got cash, a car to trade in or are you looking to borrow money to pay for it over a period of years?

You stand to lose £1,000's with any car you buy, so doing your research before you go to by a car is vital.

Competition amongst dealers has always been strong, even between different branches of the same 'group' so don't settle for the 1st deal you are offered, shop around and be prepared to 'haggle' for that final 50p off!!

All dealers have targets and if you go to buy near the end of a month you may find that you getter a better deal than at the beginning as the dealer needs that 1 sale to qualify for more incentives from the manufacturer (or the salesman needs to hit target or be sacked)

Having a car to 'trade in' can, in some circumstances mean you get a poorer deal on the new one, but not always if your selling a car that is in demand at the time and the dealer can't get stock.

The 'Finance' package that the dealer is offering can make a large difference to the overall cost as well so be sure to compare the 'total' to pay between any agreements, not just the headline APR on offer

Don't just accept that a finance package promoted by a dealer is the 'best' available, use a comparison site etc. to find out what the best deal actually is. Take into account early settlement charges etc. It could end up saving you money in the long term

When you have done all your research don't forget about looking at an online car broker rather than a main dealer. Some will offer part exchange facilities, some may not though.

Click 4 Gap Either way you should consider whether you need to take out 'Gap' insurance. Oh you say what is that?

Well it covers the difference between what your Insurance Company will pay in the event of a claim and what it will actually cost to replace your car. The difference can be £thousands. However you DON'T need to buy that cover from a dealer or Garage (but they will try and sell it to you for a big commission) You can also buy 'return to invoice' cover which should mean you get what you paid for the car back, not current market value.

You can get more information on 'Gap' Insurance direct from a provider at 'Wholesale prices' see this Gap Facts for more information before deciding on what to do.

Buying from an 'Online Car Broker'

How can there prices be so much lower than a dealer? - Various reasons - no showroom overheads, bulk buying, extremely low profit margins, some pre-registered deals so what's the catch?

Non really, apart from potentially no trade in facilities but as a bonus you don't get to sit in front of a salesman!. Most of the cars offered are direct from main Citroen dealers and therefore come with full UK warranty etc. and are registered to you as the first owner.

Safety of the financial transaction may be a concern for some but that depends on who you use and we, from personal experience, recommend that you look at NEW CITROEN DEALS who we have used personally in the past.

We have other site members who have used the service and speak highly of it so are more than happy to recommend them. For details of there online buying policy take a look at Buying Cars Online Safely

Before you finally decide on which model your going to settle for take a look at our Performance Stats and our Insurance Guide pages

Once you have fully prepared yourself - then your ready to buy!

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