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Citroën C4 + C4 Picasso Sat Nav fitting

on 31 August 2008
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Sat Nav - How and where to fit one and keep the cables tidy!

TomTom is one of, if not the best and easiest to use devices I have found. You can add Safety (speed) Camera information to all the model range, even the base Tom Tom Go for an additional £20.25 per year - far cheaper than Road Angel and it works beautifully.

There are other Sat Nav devices on the market from Garman and other manufacturers and the instructions that follow apply in principle to all.

Update 1st September 2008

Please note this FAQ applies to early TomTom models. I Can confirm that the current TomTom One works fine in a C4 with an 'Athermic' windscreen without the need of an additional antenna

Tom Tom GoTomTom (and other devices) are great for getting you around but where to place it for the best viewing position and what about all the cables?

Other Downsides: Citroën C4 Hatch and Coupe Variants have what is known as an Athermic, comfort or UV windscreen. On early TomTom Go's This interferes with the satellite signal being received. This requires an additional antenna at a cost from £33.89 (at the time of posting) Direct from the online TomTom store - Click Here - which includes a special 'powered shoe' to replace the standard one (later models may be OK so try first without one) - but be careful to buy the correct one as they are model specific.

On the C4 Picasso and C4 Grand Picasso unless you have an 'Exclusive' or the optional Comfort Plus Pack (Heat Reflecting Screen, Rain Sensing Wipers, Child Surveillance Mirror, Climate Control) fitted then the windscreen isn't Athermic (heat reflecting) so you shouldn't need any additional aerial for a portable Sat Nav device

If you have an exclusive or the Comfort Pack Fitted then around the mirror area there is an untreated area of glass (lightly hatched) where you can fit an aerial the same as the Hatch and Coupe variants

[shadowbox=../../images/img/ariel.jpg|TomTom Aerial::||right]../../images/img/ariels.jpg[/shadowbox]The aerial is fitted at the top of the screen in the 'hatched' area next to the rear view mirror mount on the inside and the cable can be hidden under the roof lining and down the windscreen pillar cap on the right hand side.

You can simply tuck it in with say the back of a comb, but don't use anything sharp like a screwdriver in case you damage the cable.

Then the unit can be placed on the dashboard - preferably at the bottom on the right hand side so it doesn't block any view or obstruct the area 'swept' by the wipers.

The power cable runs from the center console along the side of the drivers foot-well and under the dashboard and up the right hand side.

[shadowbox=../../images/img/xtn.jpg|Extension::||right]../../images/img/xtns.jpg[/shadowbox]However you may need an extension to the 'power supply' which you can get from your local Auto parts store for less than £5.00 - I bought one which split the 1 supply into 2 to run my Tom Tom and Road Angel from the 1 socket leaving me a spare for charging my laptop. Halfords stock a 1-4 extension/splitter for £7.99

That can be located under the cover immediately below the steering column again it just clips off

[shadowbox=../../images/img/dash_open.jpg|Extension Location::||right]../../images/img/dash_opens.jpg[/shadowbox]You can hide the power cables by removing the access panel on the right of the dash by simply pulling on it at the bottom, put the cables under and re-fit

Refit the panels and your left with a nice tidy clean dash and clear view of the road ahead.

Why a Tom Tom instead of another Sat Nav Device?

Because it's so easy to use, more accurate, and far less hassle to update compared with anything else on the market and I looked at them all!

Speed CameraPlus now you add Safety Camera locations for a small subscription of around £19.99 per year (depends on exchange rates)
[shadowbox=../../images/img/tom_tom_speed.jpg|TomTom Location::||right]../../images/img/tom_tom_speeds.jpg[/shadowbox]This shows the location of a Camera, the distance to it and the speed limit as shown in image 4 plus with the sound turned on it gives an audible warning - all from just over 1/4 mile to the Fixed Camera location counting down in yards or metres (follows the settings you selected for TomTom display) until you pass it