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C4 Picasso Colour Range (UK)

Original, Facelift and New models
on 09 April 2014
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The complete colour range for The C4 Picasso and Grand Picasso

New C4 Picasso Range from 2013 and the New GP Range from 2014

Arctic >>

Hickory >>

Kyanos >>

Onyx >>

Polar >>

Ruby >>

Shark >>

Teles >>

Here is the previous line up for C4 Picasso and Grand Picasso colours side by side

Original C4 Picasso colour range up to 2008

Arctic Steel >>

Burlat >>

Black >>

Iron Grey >>

Wicked >>

Polar White >>

Oriental >>

Nocciola >>

Icare >>

Gold >>

Tivoli >>

Morello >>

Important Update

From July 2008 Burlat, Oriental and Morello are no longer offered in the C4 Picasso or Grand Picasso in the UK. The images will remain though for those looking at buying a used model

November 2008 Kyanos blue is a new colour available for both C4 Picasso variants

Kyanos >>