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C4 Dimensions

Will it fit in my Garage?
on 15 July 2014
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These are the current C4 and DS4 and the previous model range dimensions, as at June 2011

How big is a C4 or DS4? - click the images to find out


[shadowbox=../../images/c4/buttons/DS4.jpg|Citroen DS4 Dimensions::||]../../images/c4/buttons/DS4s.jpg[/shadowbox]

Hatch/Berline and Coupe Please note these are correct (as far as we are aware) at December 2010.

New C4 December 2011 onward

[shadowbox=../../images/c4/buttons/C4_2011_dimension.png|Citroen C4 2011 Dimensions::||]../../images/c4/buttons/C4_2011_dimensions.png[/shadowbox]

C4 2004-2008

[shadowbox=../../images/c4/buttons/hatch1.jpg |C4 Hatchback Dimensions||][/shadowbox] [shadowbox=../../images/c4/buttons/coupe1.jpg |C4 Coupe Dimensions||][/shadowbox]

Facelift C4 Coupe and Hatch July 2008 - December 2010

[shadowbox=../../images/c4/buttons/hatch1n.jpg |C4 Hatchback Dimensions||][/shadowbox] [shadowbox=../../images/c4/buttons/coupe1n.jpg |C4 Coupe Dimensions||][/shadowbox]

C4 Picasso and Grand Picasso (B78)
[shadowbox=../../images/c4/buttons/picasso_new.jpg |New C4 Picasso Dimensions||][/shadowbox]

C4 Picasso and Grand Picasso
[shadowbox=../../images/c4/buttons/picasso.jpg |C4 5 Seat Picasso Dimensions||][/shadowbox] [shadowbox=../../images/c4/buttons/gp.jpg |C4 Grand Picasso Dimensions||][/shadowbox]

C4 Sedan

[shadowbox=../../images/c4/buttons/sedan.png |C4 Sedan Dimensions||][/shadowbox]