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C4GP 1.6Hdi VTR+ 2months 5000 miles on the clock

My thoughts so far
on 23 October 2007
by sean_uk author list
in C4 Owners Model Reviews
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Do i like the car? Yes , would i buy another? Yes

No Real problems with the actual car so far

Some body scratched the wing just below the front screen the first day i got it, wasn't there when i checked when the car was delivered, but came out the next morning and it was there, not though to the primer but about 2" long, and now i know it's there i see it all the time.

The Double vision in the screen is pretty bad, maybe worse cos i wear glasses so extra layer of glass to see through ??

Went to book it in for the first service the day after i got the car, at a Citroen agent i drive past everyday, a total lack of interest, as i didn't get it from them, all they wanted to do was tell me how much cheaper i could have got it from them. To bad they didn't say that when i went to them for a quote before. They didn't even want to book the service so i walked out without buying all the extras i wanted and they won't be getting mine or my companies trade again.

Went to another dealer near work, was so different, actually felt so welcoming, booked the service for the following week, they did suggest coming back to book it when it had done more than the 204 miles it had on the clock:),had 1400miles when i took it in 5 days later.

They even let me in the workshop while doing the service so i could fit the mats and rear luggage protector and i even went though all the screens on the computer myself to see any errors, setting changes etc.

Fitted a Halfords high level bike rack, fits so perfectly i haven't taken it off yet, (highly recommended if you need a bike rack)

So far at 5,000 miles 44mpg at an average speed of 47mph according to the display, which isn't to bad considering the journeys i make 60% dual carriageway, 30% unrestricted county lanes and 10% town
Cruises effortlessly at 145kph 817miles in a little over 14hrs inc channel tunnel crossing there and back, fuel stops etc (that is how to properly run a car in)

The seating position is perfect for me, wind/road noise is a little loud at that speed but then it is a tall car.

The rear windows vibrate alarmingly if open even slightly above 60mph, and the noise is deafening in the front when there open, suppose that's why it has A/C

A little disappointed with the luggage space with the seats down about 6" shorter than my Xantia estate and really notice the extra weight when loaded, which never affected my previous cars 2 BX's and the Xantia with there hydraulic suspension which had self leveling.

Also the interior plastic seems really soft especially the flaps on the backs of the middle seats, used to throw kitchen worktops into my Xantia , and never noticed any interior plastic being marked, placed some in the c4 the other day really carefully and noticed marks every where. nothing deep that won't clean off, but light scuffing

Really like the auto hazard lights, tried to get them to come on on many occasions at work (big yard) never manged it so thought the car didn't have then fitted, Driving the other day, came around a sharp bend quite fast (45+) to confront a combine harvester blade across the road, can now say they work and the abs is brilliant, stopped in loads of time and safely too

Do i like the car? Yes , would i buy another? Yes , Is it my best car Probably not, i think my previous Xantia is actually a better car to drive and my Peugeot 205 1.4d with a bx19 td engine and 1.6gti running gear was more fun.