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C4 SX 1.6 HDI Review

An owners adventure
on 20 August 2007
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C4 SX 1.6 HDI Review by cronus from Turkey

After selling the Mazda3 1.6 tiptronic two years ago because of the temporary money shortage before marriage, I bought fresh new Corsa 1.2 twinport. Two things was in my mind, it's easy and cheap car to run and buy. But I've seen that it wasn't. It was petrol hungry as any 1.6 petrol and servicing was very high, comfort and joy is zero!!!

After a desperate year of Opel Corsa 1.2 twinport, I was dead hungry to buy a new car. It was a driving practise base for my wife for a year and a chinese torture for me. Here I'll not going to tell more about Corsa, I buried it into my past, not to memorize

I was on the market for a used car, because of the heavy depreciation as seen on the last years in car prices in Turkey. I've looked at Golf, 307, Astra, C4 but not [%*^#@!] ugly Focus (a!)

As a result I decided to buy C4 1.6 HDI for my money, because eurodiesel is approximately 2.4YTL per liter and 95 octane petrol is 2.9YT in Turkey, so diesel is a good bet...

So many friends of mine criticized this car even before they've seen a C4 because of a common sense about "How bad the build quality of Citroen?"

I was an actor of an action film which was filmed at the citroen dealer and service. I sneaked into the service garage and asked the owners of the citroen's there. I approached to a men sitting in the waiting room reading newspapers.

-Sorry, which model do you own?
-Xsara, do you?
-Eee, I do not own a citroen, I'm with my friend here. Do you like it, did it have any problem?
-No, just regular checks.

Just another:

--Sorry, which model do you own?
-C4, do you?
-Ahhh, C4, do you like it, it's just so handsome, isn't it?
-I love it, everybody just stares it.
-Is it diesel?
-Yeah, 1.6 HDI 110HP.
-Does it pull well?
-Excellent and very economical, just using 6lt/100km in city driving.
-Do you have any problem?
-Suspension is a bit hard and noisy, no other problem, it's been 30000kms.

I took a test drive and I decided to have a C4

At last as a coincidence I've found my car at the same district.
It'a a C4 SX 1.6HDI manual with panaromic sunroof and ESP, honey colored. Auto aircondition, cd player without mp3 , park sensor.

It's just beautiful. Everybody just stares at it without ignorance.

Driving in night mode is just a hell of a joy on the motorway with 1.6HDI. I've made a trip to Antalya from İstanbul and came back with just 70 litres of eurodiesel, for about 1650kms, aircondition was always on and the car was full of my wife's bags.

It's now at 40000kms and I've countered no major problems. Changed my key, lcd display, oil dipstick under warranty..That's all. at 30000kms, I've paid 220YTL, approximately 80 pounds for regular check.

As a family, we like it a lot, build is generaly very good with small things to be developed.

Of course there are much more elegant and expensive cars out there. It's the issue to give more things to people for their hard earned money, other than that, building a very very prima car with first class materials is not a hard thing, so many manufacturers do that and you can not buy that cars...

It's a great car, which gives much more accessories and joy than the others for the money

Posted by: cronus