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First Day Impressions of a C4 1.6HDi 92 bhp Cool

I love it
on 31 July 2007
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Two words.. " Bl**dy Fantastique" !

My first Citroen Experience, has been with the 2.0 HDi 90 Desire Xsara.. which I had from new, and was the p/ex vehicle for the new C4 1.6Hdi Cool Hatch model. Owning this for the past 3 years ,wasn't without issues.. but overall, I always said I would buy another Citroen.

I do enjoy /like their "quirkiness", their cutting edge technology and the way they always seem to push the boundaries in car design for people like me.. the ordinary man in the street.

So yesterday, 31 /07/07 we took delivery of our new shiny C4 1.6HDi 90, Cool Hatchback..with 00006 miles on the clock

Well, first impressions.. are.. as the first line of this posting... [%*^#@!] fantastique.... truly.. it is a masterpiece of engineering.. it really is light years ahead of the Xsara we have part ex'd.

Physically, it looks much bigger than the Xsara in every dimension... length, width and height.. however.. I did my homework before purchase and in round (old money) numbers its around 2" higher, approx 3" longer and wider.

However, the surprise is in the cabin area. in comparison it is vast .. loads of leg room in the front or the back for our 6 footer of a son... Contrary to recent auto reviews.. the finish inside is much better than on the old Xsara.. The seats are quite supportive,, and very comfortable covered with nice hard wearing material. Plenty of storage here n there in the doors.. the air con equipped glove box.. is rather tiny.

Rear seats are 2/3 split type.. Boot, is though smaller than the Xsara... but has extra depth.. I can live with this.

Up front, there are quite a few gadgets to play /tinker with.. most have a useful function in life.. the Trip computer is great, though the instantaneous mpg that reads out every 2 seconds is a little optimistic... just cannot see me getting the 999mpg that occasionally flashes up.. the average mpg is far more realistic.. and I am delighted with what it tells me.. especially as the cars not even run in !!

The Cd Radio is decent sounding unit... though DAB radio would have been nice.. the extra features of the COOL are well received.. Over and above the VTR spec.. and all for free in the COOL are the auto rain sensitive windscreen wipers, Auto Headlights, Dual Climate Control, Electric rear windows (on the Hatch)and leather steering wheel.

Have today clocked up a total of 80 miles or so.. achieving an average 51.4 mpg today and that's all in town driving !!

The drive, is quite simply.. superb... very, very quiet, very smooth .. have had to enable the Speed Limiter till I get used to that lovely LCD Display on the dash.. The clutch is lovely.. the gearbox has the typical Citroen feel.. but much slicker than the old Xsara..

Acceleration is more than adequate, indeed this is a 1.6 that puts out 92 bhp... my 2.0 Xsara put out 90bhp.. Brakes are very nice,, not too sharp.

No squeaks, no creaks, nor rattles and contrary to "expert reviews" nowt has fallen off or broken..

For my first day with a C4... doing its job as my workhorse... It's been a delight to drive... my motoring enjoyment is being re-awakened...

If you are thinking of a C4... then take a test drive... and discover what Citroen is all about !!

More , as time and miles are added...

I am well happy..... and am confident I have made the right decision with a C4 ! it really IS "COOL"