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Citroen C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive 1.6 HDi EGS - Long term report

Long Term Road Test
on 09 November 2007
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Citroen C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive 1.6 HDi EGS - how is it doing?

Having taken delivery early June, I thought it was time to start a long term report.

The vehicle is a Wicked Red Grand Picasso, with the new style Managua standard alloys. Haven't had any time to give it a proper detail, so it is looking extremely grubby right now!

We went for the 1.6HDi, which comes as standard with the EGS gearbox in Exclusive trim. We didn't specify any options, as we were quite happy with the Exclusive standard equipment. Ideally, I would have added front parking sensors, but was not going to pay £800 for the pack that contains the front sensors. As many others have said, I really feel that Citroen should have offered these as a seperate option. Maybe they will review this in time. In time, it does get easier to judge the front end. I havn't hit anything (yet!).

Citroen seem to have done a really good job of insulating the cabin from the engine noise. The engine gets noisy at high revs, but the GP ain't that sort of car. Having had the 2.0HDi on a full days test drive, I can't say I miss the extra 28 horses. It pulls well at sensible revs. Hopefully as the mileage builds, and the engine lossens up, it will be even better. Build quality generally seems good. It could be me being pedantic, but not putting a coat of lacquer on the visible painted surfaces of the tailgate and bonnet seems like penny-pinching too far. The car is very comfortable, and seems to be very good for comfort on journeys.

I have found the EGS very good, although the automatic mode is not as smooth as manual. The key to smooth changes in manual mode is to lift off the throttle slightly as you change gear.

Have had to turn it into a van on a few occasions, so still getting used to what to pull and push etc to get the seats how you want them. After a trip to the builders merchants for purple slate, I wish I had bought a boot liner, as they were wet, and dribbled dusty water on the boot floor. I can see I am going to be very busy when I get chance to give it the first detail.

Economy seems very good at this point, as I have calculated the consumption as follows:

1st fill-up: 40.56mpg
2nd fill-up: 42.06mpg
3rd fill-up: 43.55mpg
4th fill-up: 43.33mpg

Bearing in mind most of the mileage is pottering round, with a few longer runs.

The dealers have been very good, completing the 1500mile check-up while we waited.

Having had a Xsara Picasso in the past, this car is a quantum leap forward in many ways. Citroen have a very successful machine on their hands with the Grand Picasso, with Ford's S-Max being the main fly in the ointment.

October 2007

Have now covered around 5500 miles, with no issues. We are still as pleased with the car as we were when we first picked it up.

As some others have experienced, there is the odd clutch judder, but it is very occasional. I still get a delay on the EGS changes sometimes, but nothing to write home about. Sometimes I get lazy and put it on automatic, though the smoothness of some of the changes can leave a little to be desired!

Build quality still seems good, with no undue squeaks or rattles, except from the people travelling in it that is. I will do another check on the MPG, and edit this post accordingly.

I still don't see very many C4GP's around here, but no doubt that will change now that the supply situation seems much better.

I need to give it a proper detail before the winter truly arives, but can't find the time at the moment!

November 2007

7000 miles and counting. Still pretty well problem free, so thumbs up all round for the C4GP. I have noticed the engine has loosened up in the last 1000 miles, and pulls more strongly. I have to confess to having a little fun with it at times. Who says the 1.6HDi is too small for the C4GP?!

The only small niggle is the moo-ing sound coming from the back when braking in reverse. I suspect the calipers are sticking a bit perhaps, but I'm not worried, so will mention it at the 12500 service.

Still haven't had chance to do the winter detail. When I do, the pics will be posted in the Car Care thread.


Brains 07 Sep 2008 : 09:56

I got the same car with manual 5-gears, with Hifi Pack and navidrive. I am surprised to find out the (semi-)automatic is standard. Don't believe it was here when I ordered it May 2007. I am over 55.000km right now. I am very happy of the car indeed. Have done some 1000km travels and indeed, this IS a traveller's dream. Annoyances are: the squeeking sound when backing up (the immediate reason I post this , a part of the chrome trim on the back became loose, on (heavy!) rain I got some leak at the front left side of the car, and I never liked the logic behind the windscreen wipers. I like to manually control single wipes easily (and / or have a variable interval at hand). The way the system works now, is that I either need to switch up and down for a single wipe or turn on the automatic wipers. That automatic mode almost never wipes when I would though, so I tend to turn it off quite rapidly. Nevertheless: ACE car and I am certainly ordering a new one when this one's lease ends.

biggazza2008 09 Mar 2009 : 08:26

have same car same colour,58 plate with 1400 miles.i love it ,also have c4 hatch egs 56 plate.grand seems smother on the egs side,and going to gatwick airport and back got 57 mpg .cruise set at 65, 4 people large.

Queensmessenger 02 Jan 2011 : 14:48

Best Pic ever. I have had the C4GP 1.6 Hdi in manual form since September 2010. After 3000 miles I am getting 51.5 mpg overall. Handled nearly as good as a 4X4 in the recent snow here in the Scottish Borders. Never got stuck once despite round trips to Dundee and back (250mls) every fornight. Brilliant on Ice, Snow, Slush although sensible driving is still the order of the day. 70mph on motorways in good conditions is extremely easy for this vehicle and often feels like walking. No wonder it is nicknamed "The Lounge". No hesitation in recommending this car to anyone.

pompeychimes 18 Sep 2011 : 05:18

I have recently bought a 2008 c4 grande and have discovered a leak on the top left hand side of the screen. As there are no rubbers on the inside and only moulded plastic I was hoping another C4 owner might be able to offer some advice on rectifying this problem aprt from my last resort of taking it to the citroen dealership to sort.

Dave_Retired. 18 Sep 2011 : 05:30
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