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C4 Knowledge Base

All the Facts for reference
on 05 February 2009
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As time goes by and we learn more about the Citroën C4 we are building a knowledge base for future reference. Some parts of the 'Knowledge base' are only viewable by Registered Members To register and get immediate access go to registration page

C4 Technical Guides Technical Help contains a series of downloadable Technical guides for the C4 in Acrobat format Restricted to Premier Members

Genuine Citroen Guides covering things like changing the clutch, torque settings, electrical circuits etc. etc. from Service.Citroen.com

Click Here to read the list of the guides
C4 Quick Facts Link This main index page contains a series of catergories including short facts on the C4 and Brief Descriptions of those 'Technical Terms used'

There is also a 'How To' section covering things like changing bulbs, key fob battery, changing brake disks and pads etc. etc. plus a maintenance tips section.

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C4 Tutorials Common Problem Repair Guides as created by actual C4 individual owners and our existing site members

Read easy to follow guides on how to fix things

Click Here to see and read the list Member Created Tutorials
C4 Used buyers guide All our knowledge 'Pooled' together to show you what to look out for when buying a used C4

Early cars had some know issues and this section list the things for you to watch out for

you don't have to pay like some sites - for registered members the guide is FREE

Click Here To read the Buyers Guide
C4 Article Index There is a raft of longer Articles available covering all sorts of topics from a Long Term Road test, Performance Comparison, Insurance Guide, Recall data, to enginge tuning.

There all listed alphabetically in this section for your convenience

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How big is a C4 or DS4? - click the images to find out


[shadowbox=../../images/c4/buttons/DS4.jpg|Citroen DS4 Dimensions::||]../../images/c4/buttons/DS4s.jpg[/shadowbox]

Hatch/Berline and Coupe Please note these are correct (as far as we are aware) at December 2010.

New C4 December 2011 onward

[shadowbox=../../images/c4/buttons/C4_2011_dimension.png|Citroen C4 2011 Dimensions::||]../../images/c4/buttons/C4_2011_dimensions.png[/shadowbox]

C4 2004-2008

[shadowbox=../../images/c4/buttons/hatch1.jpg |C4 Hatchback Dimensions||][/shadowbox] [shadowbox=../../images/c4/buttons/coupe1.jpg |C4 Coupe Dimensions||][/shadowbox]

Facelift C4 Coupe and Hatch July 2008 - December 2010

[shadowbox=../../images/c4/buttons/hatch1n.jpg |C4 Hatchback Dimensions||][/shadowbox]

C4 Picasso and Grand Picasso (B78)
[shadowbox=../../images/c4/buttons/picasso_new.jpg |New C4 Picasso Dimensions||][/shadowbox]

C4 Picasso and Grand Picasso Mk1
[shadowbox=../../images/c4/buttons/picasso.jpg |C4 5 Seat Picasso Dimensions||][/shadowbox]

C4 Sedan

[shadowbox=../../images/c4/buttons/sedan.png |C4 Sedan Dimensions||][/shadowbox]