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New Child Car Seat Regulations

Do you know what they are?
on 19 September 2006
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How to make sure you comply with the new regulations

From 15th September 2006 new rules require anyone using a car to carry children under 12 years of age to have cars fitted with proper baby seats, child seats or booster cushions. (There are some small exemptions for taxis or unexpected journeys over short distances)

Police are now entitled to stop cars and check if equipment is being used safely.

The Rules are:

  • ALL Children up to 4ft 5in (135 cms) will have to use a child seat or booster cushion in cars, vans and other goods vehicles

  • All children under 3 years of age must use a child seat in cars, vans and other goods vehicles

  • Rear facing baby seats must NOT be used in front seats fitted with an active airbag

  • Children 3 and over and under 12 must use the correct child seat/booster cushion when travelling in cars, vans and other goods vehicles until they reach 4ft 5in (135 cms) tall

  • Taller children and those 12 and over must use adult seat belts

  • In Mini Buses, Buses and Coaches, seated passengers aged 14 and over must wear seat belts where fitted.

Don't be caught out and risk a £500 fine

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