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Considering Buying a New C4, C4 Picasso or DS4?
What should I look out for?
on 22 Nov 2012 by Dave_Retired. author list
There are various ways to buy a new C4 be it a Hatchback, Picasso, Grand Piccaso or a DS4

Buying a new car is a major financial decision for most people and one that should not be taken lightly or on a 'whim' Before looking for a car, list your main priorities. Is safety, mpg or running costs etc. an issue? Using the knowledge and experience built up on this site over the past 7+ years then if it's running [read more]
Citroen C4 C4 Picasso and DS4 Specific Error Codes
on 18 Aug 2011 by Dave_Retired. author list
C4 DS4 Error Code Search
This page has permanently moved : HERE [read more]
Premier Member Benefits
What can you save for £12.00 p.a?
on 09 Mar 2009 by Dave_Retired. author list
[size]Discounted Genuine Citroën Accessories and parts, Insurance, Tyres, Wheels. The list is[...]
Discounted Insurance? Discounted Car Parts, Wheels and Tyres? 3rd Party Body Kits, Stainless Steel Exhausts, styling accessories etc.? ALL with great discounts Click HERE Looking for Genuine Citroen Parts and Accessories? C4 Hatch or Coupe, DS4? C4 Picasso 7 & 5 seat? Replacement spares? Citroën Accessories? All available with a great discount! Click HERE Citroen Servicing Made Easy Save time and money on your servicing and [read more]
Citroën C4 WRC
The Robot gets faster!
on 22 Jan 2007 by Dave_Retired. author list print the content item create pdf file of the content item
The super fast C4 World Rally Car. 315bhp of advanced technology designed to blow the competition aw[...]
Citroën' are pinning the World Rally Championships on from January 2007 onward What a sizzler it promises to be with 315bhp from an upgraded XU7JP4 engine. The 2 litre Coupe road going variant currently produces 178bhp! However the cost of each car is estimated at £500,000+ and each is designed to last just 2 rally's or 700km Not much of the road going [read more]
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