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C4 Grand Piccaso and C4 Picasso

Dave_Retired., 23 October 2010

ONE IN TEN NEW CARS sold in 2006 was a multi-purpose vehicle (or people carrier). In fact, the MPV sector was one of only three new car segments in which new car sales grew in 2006 but it is a competitive market.

Citroën unveiled the C4 'Grand' Picasso 'The Visiospace' in a world-premier appearance at the 2006 Paris Motor Show. This new, innovative and compact seven-seater MPV is the natural extension of the Marque's range. The C4 Picasso sports distinctive styling and a host of original features that make travelling by MPV an even more comfortable and enjoyable experience:

Prices range from £14,995 - £21,695 but an extensive list of 'options' will increase most of these substantially. You can try the online Citroen C4 Picasso Car Configurator to see what your options are likely to cost. However a fully loaded 2.0 HDi with all the extras will cost £25,620 (before any available dealer incentives)

Demonstrators are in Dealer Showrooms NOW!

[shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/large/picasso_new.jpg|C4 Picasso||right][/shadowbox]

  • outstanding visibility and clarity with the wide-angle panoramic windscreen
  • an uncluttered front compartment with an innovative drive station and the new 6-speed electronic gearbox system
  • class-leading space in the passenger compartment and boot
  • original seat-folding functions that allow the interior layout to be reconfigured quickly and simply, thus accommodating up to seven occupants comfortably
  • unparalleled interior comfort with temperature control, soundproofed windows and air quality sensors
  • a comfortable ride and a pleasant drive, with pneumatic suspension at the rear

[shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/large/picasso_new2.jpg|C4 Picasso||left][/shadowbox] On the compact MPV market, most car makers offer either a single body shape with a varying number of seats or two identically styled bodies that differ in length only.

With the seven seat C4 Grand Picasso and the Xsara Picasso, which continues to excel, Citroën now offers two vehicles in this segment that are quite distinct in terms of both style and features.

The style, dimensions, space, modular design and unique features of the C4 Grand Picasso make it the natural extension of Citroën's MPV range.

Now composed of three models that are different and complementary: the Xsara Picasso and C4 Grand Picasso, and a large MPV, the C8.

[shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/large/picasso_seat.jpg|C4 Picasso||right][/shadowbox]

With the fluid and harmonious profile of a true thoroughbred, the C4 Grand Picasso has all the hallmarks of a Citroën. Continuing the trend set by the brand's latest models.

This new MPV boasts some unique features that make life on board simpler and more enjoyable for its occupants.

Crammed with unique features and exceptionally easy to use, the C4 Grand Picasso is an innovative new arrival on the compact MPV market.

[shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/large/picasso_gold.jpg|C4 Picasso||left][/shadowbox]

With three MPVs (Xsara Picasso, C4 Grand Picasso and C8), each with its own distinctive style and features, Citroën continues to renew and broaden its range, which is now more complete and more varied than ever.

Citroën is developing its gearboxes. EGS, is its first new ‘box in 20 years and is a modern sequential manual. Sharp-shifting, efficient, safe (two hands on the wheel at all times)

It’s the future, according to Citroën:

Citroën C4 'Grand Picasso' UK Engine Spec and Performance at Launch Jan 2007 These have since changed and current details are available here There is an archive of all the specifications here

Engine 1.8i 16v
2.0i 16v
143hp EGS
1.6HDi 16v
1.6HDi 16v
110hp EGS
2.0HDi 16v
138hp EGS
Capacity (cc) 1749 1997 1560 1560 1997
Max Power DIN (hp/rpm) 127/6000 143/6000 110/4000 110/4000 138/4000
Max torque DIN (lb ft/rpm) 125/3750 147/4000 117/1750 117/1750 199/2000
Max Speed (mph) 115 121 112 112 121
0-62 mph (secs) 11.9 11.5 12.7 13.4 12.5
Urban Cycle (mpg) 25 25.4 38.7 41.5 35.8
Extra Urban (mpg) 46.3 45.6 55.4 55.4 55.4
Combined (mpg) 35.3 35.3 47.9 59.6 46.3
Insurance Group NB. Trim Dependent 6e/7e 8e/9e 6e/7e 6e/7e 9e
CO2 (g/km) 190 190 155 150 159

N.B. Official Government test / fuel consumption figures - actual achieved will depend on individual driving style and conditions. Insurance groups are estimated and vary by engine size/trim level

Please Note:Some of this article is taken from an official Press Release which is Copyright ©Citroën and is reproduced direct from their website

There is now some engine availability/performance data here
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More Images:

[shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/large/picasso_controls.jpg|C4 Picasso|][/shadowbox] [shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/large/picasso_int1.jpg|C4 Picasso|][/shadowbox] [shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/large/picasso_int2.jpg|C4 Picasso|][/shadowbox] [shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/large/picasso_suspension.jpg|C4 Picasso|][/shadowbox]

[shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/large/picasso_loadbay.jpg|C4 Picasso|][/shadowbox] [shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/large/picasso_int.jpg|C4 Picasso|][/shadowbox] [shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/large/picasso_dash.jpg|C4 Picasso|][/shadowbox]

5th January 2007 - There is a smaller 5 seat C4 Picasso version to come

Citroën’s newest model sports a fresh, dynamic look, with a body style that is at once compact, flowing and eye-catching. The assertive-looking front end features a new-style bumper with over-sized air intakes covered in black mesh, while the unique wave of the waistline, highlighted in chrome, creates an attractive side profile.

The interior of Citroën’s newcomer is refreshingly light, with outstanding visibility provided by the huge windscreen, slim pillars and optional panoramic sunroof. Artificial lighting also plays a major role with the availability of various useful features, such as automatic welcome lights under the door mirrors, a portable torch in the boot and reading lights on the back of the front seats, all designed to make journeys easier.

The exterior dimensions (4.47m long, 1.83m wide and 1.66m tall) give the C4 Picasso an extremely spacious interior. This feeling of space is enjoyed by all passengers, with those in the front benefiting from the simple, uncluttered design of the dash, and those in the back from three individual, full-size seats and a flat floor. The innovative seating design, first seen in the 7 seat C4 Picasso, allows the rear seats to be quickly and easily folded flat into the floor.

When all five seats are in use, the new model leads the class with 500 litres of boot space underneath the luggage cover, extending to a maximum 1,734 litres once the rear seats are folded down. Helping to keep the boot tidy, the five seat C4 Picasso can also be equipped with a new version of Citroën’s renowned Modubox. This innovative, removable trolley makes it easy to divide boot space and to transport objects outside of the vehicle.

The new five seat C4 Picasso provides a relaxing journey for all occupants. Suspension comfort can be further enhanced by the optional pneumatic rear suspension, while laminated acoustic side windows can be specified to make it even quieter inside. An automatic electronic parking brake and Hill Start Assist are fitted as standard and make everyday driving easier.

Thoughtful extras such as individual air flow controls for back seat passengers, an air quality sensor and a scented air freshener can all add to the pleasant on-board atmosphere. A high quality stereo system and folding video screens in the back of the front seats are also available to keep passengers entertained.

Developed on the same platform as the 7 seat C4 Picasso, which scored five stars in Euro NCAP tests, the new 5 door C4 Picasso meets the most stringent criteria for occupant protection, offering the likes of four Isofix seats, audible seatbelt warnings for all seats and seven airbags as standard.

[shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/large/picasso_5seat3.jpg|C4 Picasso 5 Seat|][/shadowbox] [shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/large/picasso_5seat4.jpg|C4 Picasso 5 Seat|][/shadowbox] [shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/large/picasso_5seat5.jpg|C4 Picasso 5 Seat|][/shadowbox]

The C4 Picasso five-seater will initially be offered with a choice of two petrol and two diesel engines. The 1.8-litre petrol block will be mated to a manual five-speed 'box, while the more powerful 2.0-litre model has the option of a six-speed electronic box or a four-speed auto.

Diesel lovers can choose either a 100bhp 1.6-litre HDi with that five-speed manual, or a 138bhp HDi with a six-speed auto' or electronic 'box. Topgear tested the seven-seater with the less powerful diesel engine and it wasn't short on puff, so there should be plenty of torquey pull on this baby version.

If you're wondering how the five-seater fits alongside the Xsara Picasso in Citroen's line-up, a spokesman says the new model is a more luxurious, spacious MPV, while the Xsara caters to the budget market.

With the same attention to detail as the impressive seven-seater, and the option of a full-length glass roof and seat-back video screens, no one can argue with that assessment.

The five-seater C4 Picasso should be available in the UK in April 2007. There's no firm word on prices yet, but it's likely to be slightly cheaper than its seven-seat equivalent.

Dealers in the UK have the new 7 seat C4 Grand Picasso in their showrooms NOW! - however you can watch an advert below courtesy of YouTube

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