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C4owners Chrome Stickers

Looking for a Chrome club Sticker for your C4 well you can buy one using the 'PayPal' button below.

These are High Quality 21cm X 2.5cm in Chrome and are designed to go on the EXTERIOR of your C4. Please note, no other versions are available.

Please select your postage region
i.e. UK, EU or Rest of the World' from the drop-down menu

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the address in your PayPal Account is correct as that is used for delivery. You can 'Add A Note' on the PayPal Payment Page
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Fitting Instructions:

They can go on glass or paintwork EXTERNALLY but clean the surface thoroughly first using an alcohol type wipe.

This is a high quality foil based product so: Make sure the area your placing it on is Dry and preferably warm, then, rub the soft top layer firmly with the sticker placed on a hard surface so the foil sticks to it then CAREFULLY peel off the card back.

Place it carefully in position then rub to get a good contact. Finally peel the soft top layer off and gently pat with a soft cloth to finish.

Enjoy and thanks for your help supporting the site!

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