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Welcome to C4 and DS4 owners

Welcome from around the world, to the largest and most popular, dedicated online, English Language, Citroën C4 and DS4 community support site. Our members support each other for all variants of the Citroën C4: Coupe, Hatch/Berline, Sedan, C4 By Loeb, New C4 (B7) and DS4, C4 Picasso, C4 Picasso (B78) 2013 2014 C4 Grand Picasso

C4The Citroen DS4 shares most of it's mechanical and electrical parts with the 'New C4' so provide support for both car variants on this site.

We are Independently owned and run to help provide support for C4 C4 Picasso and DS4 owners and our mission is to let current (and past) owners help each other and have now built up 8+ years of experience on issues with the Citroen C4

Visitors from around the globe can see some content on site, however, by registering you will have more access to areas like our knowledge base, member forums, documentation downloads, quick FAQ's sections, to mention a few. You can also post reviews on your favourite (or not so favourite!) dealer and see other members own views on the Good, the Average and the 'Ones To Avoid' if at all possible.

DS4As a ' Premier Member' on site, you also get (including standard member benefits) access to an extensive lists of 'real' discounts from various providers that will save you money over the years, which can add up to a big saving in the current economic climate, plus there is an 'Owners Handbook Archive' available so you can download a copy. You simply can't go wrong by being a part of C4owners!

Member DetailsThere is a specialist C4 / DS4 Insurance Scheme and the service offered is not restricted to car insurance either. You can also get great home and travel cover at extremely competitive rates.

Our ' Premier Members' Group

Why have a Premier Section? because for anyone who is already a member, or just uses the website to maybe ask for advice, chat to other enthusiasts or sell items, this site is invaluable.
Premier Details
However it's a common misconception that the Internet is free.

This (as every other web site) site does have hosting costs, specialist software development, plus other overheads to meet and and would be sorely missed by many people if it wasn't here.

So for the Premier Section there is a small £11.00 annual fee, for all new subscribers.

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